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3500 Puff E-cig factory

3500+ Puffs: Vaping Without Limits

Prepare to be amazed by the 3500+ puff count of this remarkable vape. Whether you’re a casual vaper or a true aficionado, this device ensures you have an ample supply of vaping enjoyment at your fingertips. Gone are the days of frequent refills and battery anxiety; the 3500 Puff Vape lets you vape without limits.

A Flavor Extravaganza: 38 Irresistible Choices

Indulge your taste buds in a sensory journey with our diverse range of 38 delectable flavors. Whether you crave the fruity explosion of tropical blends, the icy freshness of menthol, or the classic allure of tobacco, we’ve got a flavor to match your mood. Our commitment to variety ensures you’ll never tire of exploring new tastes.

Robust Battery: Powering Your Vaping Pleasure

With a robust 1500mAh battery capacity, the 3500 Puff Vape guarantees uninterrupted vaping pleasure. No more anxiety about your device dying on you in the middle of a satisfying puff. Enjoy hours of continuous vaping, knowing your device can keep up with your cravings.

Impressive Battery Life

Running out of e-liquid is a thing of the past with this vape. It boasts an impressive 12ml of e-liquid, allowing you to indulge in your favorite blends without the constant hassle of refilling. Revel in the convenience of a device that’s designed to keep up with your vaping demands.

Multi-Pack Options: Value and Convenience

Our multi-pack options take value and convenience to the next level. The more packs you buy, the more you save per vape. Choose from 3, 6, or 10 pack options to ensure you always have a vape ready when you need it. It’s the perfect solution for hassle-free vaping.Choose from 3, 6, or 10 pack options to maximize your savings and ensure you always have a vape on hand. It’s the hassle-free vaping solution you’ve been waiting for.

Reliable Powerhouse: 1500mAh Battery Capacity

At the heart of this disposable vape lies a robust 1500mAh battery. This ensures reliable performance and longevity, allowing you to savor your favorite flavors for days without interruption. Bid farewell to those moments of anxiety when your device threatens to run out of power.

Generous E-Liquid Reservoir: 12ml

Worried about running low on e-liquid in the middle of your vape session? Fear not, as the 3500 Puff Vape boasts a generous 12ml e-liquid reservoir. With such ample capacity, you can indulge in your preferred blends without constantly having to refill. It’s the epitome of convenience and satisfaction.

Smart Savings with Multi-Pack Options

For those who seek both quality and value, our multi-pack options are the perfect solution. The more packs you purchase, the more you save per vape. Choose from the 3, 6, or 10 pack options to maximize your savings and ensure you always have a vape at hand. It’s the hassle-free and budget-conscious vaping solution you’ve been waiting for.

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